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Pippi Longstocking courtesy NELVANA Limited
I got the nickname Pippi from my college days at Lafayette College in Lafayette, Pennsylvania. I was on the field hockey team, and kept my long hair in pig-tails, which reminded everyone of Pippi Longstocking. The image of Pippi L. on the left is courtesy of NELVANA Limited.
Of course, I'm not really me - I'm my brother, ojo, pretending to be me. I haven't learned HTML yet. I don't know where "ojo" comes from, but you can read about it at his homepage, OjoHaven.
For some reason, I really like elephants. Maybe because they're powerful, and can push over trees. Maybe because they're gentle, and can pick up a person (without breaking it). Maybe because they're gray, and elephant dolls are always plush and cute. But probably it's a combination of all these things. If you're a fellow elephant collector/admirer, (or you just want to get me a nice gift), I would say that you should definitely check out The Enchanted Elephant, but it seems to be down. :(. Here are some other elephant links:
Along with field hockey and elephants, I hold no small affection for my husband, Philip "Pete" Houseknecht, and children Bradley, Derrik, and Brooke. You can see all of us in my branch of the photo gallery at OjoHaven.