(pronounced [oh-joh-foh-yim-boh], all long o's) is the nickname i got in highschool. It was given me by the Philosophy Club Administrator/Ultimate Frisbee Coach, Mr. Thomas Miller (I have a picture of a bauble on his desk). I think i was expounding on the so-called virtues of the thoughts of Saint Thomas Acquinas when he decided that i reminded him of an old acquaintance of his from graduate school, Philip Ojophoyimbo, who, if i recall correctly, was Nigerian. Well, we decided that "Ojophoyimbo" was my truename, and promptly decided on truenames for the rest of the club.
Though the nickname was largely unused when i first came to Austin in 1988, i have since used it almost exclusively online. I still answer to it.
Here's an excerpt from a mail from Mr. Miller:
The most important thing to remember about your namesake Ojophoyimbo was not that he was Nigerian, but rather, that he was blind. He had the courage to travel sightless to a land he had never been. You earned that name for your boundless courage and never say die attitude!

programmer art
art drawn by the programmer just to have data with which to test some code. It is notoriously bad, often using simple text to represent essential elements ("wall"), or a colored rectangle to represent a person.

regular expression
a powerful pattern matching method used for word-comparative searches. A regular expression may contain any characters, but the characters +?.*()[]{}| and \ all have special meanings:

a term for the legendary notion of a name that holds power over its bearer. The concept is probably borne out of the idea that if you know something truely, deeply personal about someone, then you have a certain degree of power over them. You give your truename only to those you really trust. Do you have a truename? If you think i'm worthy, tell me what it is.

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