Phillip M. Eberz

Austin, TX 78753, USA


I seek a career product and project architecture and design position in a well-managed development organization.



Senior Software Architect, ClearCommerce Corporation, Austin, Texas. 1997-12-08 thru 2001-02-07
Software Engineer and Webmaster, Xtra Online, Austin, Texas. 1997-05 thru 1997-10
Software Engineer, TradeWave Corporation, Austin, Texas. 1996-09 thru 1997-03
Network Administrator/Web Designer, LRC Enterprises, Austin, Texas. 1995-12 thru 1996-08
Apprentice Software Engineer, Origin Systems, Inc., Austin, Texas. 1994-01 thru 1995-05
Computer Specialist, Tandy Corporation/Radio Shack, Austin, Texas. 1991 thru 1993
Computer Consultant, Giffard & White, Milford, Pennsylvania. 1990 thru 1991
Information Center Analyst, Selective Insurance Company of America, Branchville, New Jersey. 1990 thru 1991


University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas
Two years completed towards Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

Delaware Valley High School, Milford, Pennsylvania
High School Diploma, 1988.